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From: "Joe Waynick" <>
Subject: Hugh Hixon Resigns From Alcor Board
Date: Thu, 23 Sep 2004 18:01:03 -0700

It is with deep regret that the Alcor Board of Directors accepts the
resignation of Hugh Hixon as a Director. Hugh has served on the Alcor board
for over 20 years and has decided for personal reasons to step down. Hugh
will remain an Alcor employee and focus more attention and effort on
expanding Alcor's research program including Intermediate Temperature
Maintenance, Whole-body vitrification, and memory retention experiments.
Hugh's intuitional knowledge and considerable expertise will continue to be
a valuable asset at Alcor Central for quite some time to come. On behalf of
the Alcor Board of Directors, we all thank Hugh for his generous service.



Michael Riskin

Chairman of the Board

Alcor Life Extension Foundation



Joe Waynick


Alcor Life Extension Foundation


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Emergency CryoTransport System (ECS) is a medical-style rescue network
patterned after the Emergency Medical System (EMS). Alcor CryoTransport
Technicians, as with EMTs and Paramedics on an ambulance, are advised by our
Medical Director and Advisory Board consisting of MDs, PhDs, cryobiologists,
scientists, and other members of the scientific research community who are
Alcor members and/or contract physicians.


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