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Subject: Re: Ettinger
Date: Fri, 24 Sep 2004 11:50:30 +0000


My advice is to stop the nonsense...  Frankly, you are embarassing yourself and 
your organization with these petty attacks...  Sure you were denegrated in the 
past, but get over it...  Waynick has extended an olive leaf, yet you continue 
to elevate this into a hot war...

It's ridiculous, your comparison page IS in sharp contrast with with your 
statements here of not wanting direct comparisons.  And your words in the past 
on cryonet, which are very quotable, continue to denegrate Alcor.

Look, there are about 1500 of us, there are ~7billion people who think we are 
nuts, why would you continue a petty battle like this?  You have done more for 
cryonice than most people, and pretty much started the movement, that's why I 
frankly am so shocked...

I wrote a letter like this yesterday, but didn't send due to Ben's very 
professional email, that I thought would encourage you to stop this nonsense... 
maybe you should follow his lead?

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