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Date: Sat, 25 Sep 2004 09:16:05 EDT
Subject: nsane

"nsane" talks about "nonsense" and "petty attacks" and "petty battle" and  

Waynick's "olive branch" etc. But "nsane" just doesn't get it and hasn't  
 it through.

We are not attacking but defending. I have repeatedly suggested that we  
should both agree
to completely avoid comparisons, direct or indirect. But Alcor has not  
agreed (and effectively cannot, since they must claim superiority in order to  

justify the price differential). And many of our people (see below) insist that
comparisons are necessary. 
Petty? Nonsense? We are talking life and death. If people cannot afford  

Alcor, but conclude that CI is inferior, they are likely to do nothing. And we

constantly get direct requests from prospective members to spell out in detail
just where we differ from Alcor, and why. We MUST respond. Several of our  
present members have told me they would not have joined if the comparisons  

segment on our site had not been available, because they would not have  
how CI could offer quality at such a low price.
There was no "olive branch" from Waynick, only a repeated demand  that we 

unilaterally stop making comparisons while Alcor continues to claim  
However, I think we will be able to work together in the sense  indicated 

CI directors and advisors have agreed that we will write a new comparisons  
segment for the CI web site, and will allow not only the CI people but also  

Alcor to review it while it is being drafted. I have already written the first
draft and sent it to the CI directors and advisors. Ben will send it to 

Waynick  and anybody else he chooses. I don't care who sees it (although Ben, 
not I, 
will  decide who sees it beyond the CI directors and advisors) and I will 
look at  comments from anyone. 
Robert Ettinger

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