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From: "Kitty Antonik Wakfer" <>
Subject: Re. Message #24706: Re: Ettinger [nsane1]
Date: Sat, 25 Sep 2004 23:17:59 -0400

While there is much that Bob Ettinger has written with which I do not agree, he 
is at

least a public person to the degree that I know what he looks like - by photo, 
though I have met and talked with him in person - and uses his real name and
location. Despite the logic of the text of Message #24706, it loses much of its

impact when authored by a person who only uses a handle of "Nsane1"! If the 

really means what he says - and there is considerable reason why he should - 
putting his real name on his message would give it more credence.

**Kitty Antonik Wakfer
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