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Date: Sun, 26 Sep 2004 09:06:13 EDT
Subject: xyz-bot

>All the so-called "conspiracy theorists" of the free world  will swear 
allegience to the Constitution of the USA.

I don't think so, xyz; by far the largest group of conspiracy theorists are 
those who believe that there is a massive conspiracy of the rich and powerful 

to help the average man through the brilliant use of government force and fraud.

>We claim the whole Antarctic Continent, where we will grow plants with 
indoor farming.

Argentina wanted to try extending its claims in Antarctica in 1982, but the 
Queen (and the invisible lizards, of course) wouldn't allow it.

>ps: I except Lyndon LaRouche, Ted Buchanan, and many 
libertarians to join our movement! 

 Lyndon Larouche has been with the Democratic Party for decades (and before 
that, it was the Trotskyite Labor Party); I really don't think he'll be 

Ted Buchanan. Do you mean the real Ted Buchanan, who starred in 
Grant Langston and the Supermodels: The Real Man (2002), or the character Ted 
Buchanan on Buffy? In the second case, I guess there would be some political 
power involved.

"Many libertarians"? There aren't many libertarians (and even fewer in 
Antarctica), which would seem to be a flaw in your plan. So pretty much you're 
depending on the power of Ted Buchanan (and maybe Buffy).

So xyz... are you a faulty meme in a human brain, or a bot? If the second, 
best of luck to you; the sooner pointless Internet posting is automated, the 
better off the economy will be.


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