X-Message-Number: 24726
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2004 08:34:13 -0400
Subject: Live on Infidelguy Oct 1

Hey guys:

 I just wanted to let everyone know that I saw on Infidelguy that Cryonics will 
 be a point of discussion on their call-in web radio show.  Here is the 
 description that was posted:
10/01/04 @ 8PM ET: "Cryonics: Science or Science Fiction?"

* Robert C.W. Ettinger is considered by many to be the founding father of 
Cryonics, publishing the first book on the subject with "The Prospect of 
Immortality" in 1964.

He has since authored further books on Cryonics and is currently the 
Vice-President and Director of "The Cryonics Institute".

Cryonics is a technique designed with the intent to save lives and overcome 
illness and suffering. It involves cooling patients to the point where physical 
decay essentially stops, in the hope that future technologies will be able to 
revive them and restore them to good health later on. A patient held in such a 
state is said to be in 'cryonic suspension'. 

So, our own Mr. Ettinger will be a guest.  Im an occasion listener (and regular 
forum contributer) to Infideguy, and I can tell you that ususally these shows go
ok when the guest isn't an insane fundementalist, or pseudoscientists.  I'd 
expect a few challanging calls, but the Reggie, the host, is very polite to all 
the guests and is easy to talk to.

I'll encourage everyone now to listen in, and perhaps call in to support Mr 

The web site is here: http://infidelguy.com/index.php for details on the show.


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