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Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2004 18:39:09 -0700 (PDT)
From: Jim N <>
Subject: Ted Williams update information from Southern California Alcor meeting

Some very interesting info reposted here from Jon's
N54 forum. I cannot at this time verify this info, but
thought it worth passing on to you, my dear friends. 
Here is the URL:

Here are some excerpts from the thread itself:

All documentation for TW exists. Infact, more than any
other patient at Alcor. TW did personally want
cryonics for himself, despite everything stated in the

Also, there is zero outstanding debt for his

Alcor was not able to comment as to whether JHW was

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Great	September 27 2004, 1:37 PM 


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I'd love to hear more than bold claims.	September 27
2004, 2:20 PM 

If true that's great news, but where's the evidence?
Did I miss something while the power was out?


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Report	September 27 2004, 2:53 PM 

Hi again. I'm the person who posted the original
message in this thread. I'm sorry that I forgot to
create a "handle".

I got the above info at the So Cal Alcor meeting. The
new president gave a very informative talk. The info I
stated is correct to the best of my knowledge.

It is likely possible for anyone to simply pick up the
phone, or shoot off an email, to get the same info.

Some other info is:

1. Alcor members are the single largest donors, in
total, to state represenatives.

2. Confidentality has been modified. For 95% of new
incoming patients, it will effectively remain the
same. But if a new patient causes any kind of serious
problem (i.e. Ted Williams) the confidentality can be
broken enough to fix that problem. This seems very
reasonable to me.

3. Two new issues of cryonics magazine were available
on the counter at the event. I did not take any home
since I figured I'd get them in the mail shortly. But
they've been printed and one discusses the glass
transition point, etc.

Texas Cryo
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great job, "reporter", and a thanks for the great job
done to all at Alcor!	September 27 2004, 3:20 PM 

This really sets my mind at ease, and I am sure many
other people feel likewise.

(Login Texas_Cryo)
This could be really big news!	September 27 2004, 3:46

If TW does indeed have more documentation than any
other member, that strongly implies that he has a
videotaped statement where he states his wish to be
cryoppreserved. I say this because there are Alcor
patients, I am fairly sure, that have had videotape
statements made available.

I realize that there may be confidentiality
considerations, but I sure hope there is some way that
this videotape can be made public. It would go a long
way towards rehabilitating Alcor's public image.


Over and out, my dear cryo-friends!


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