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Subject: Ted Williams update information from Southern California Alcor meeting 
[Jim N]
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2004 19:53:16 -0700

    I don't normally respond to rumors or conjecture, but I feel it's
necessary that I provide clarity around some of the statements posted on
Cryonet and other places about comments I made at the Southern California
cryofeast over the weekend:


"All documentation for TW exists. In fact, more than any

other patient at Alcor. TW did personally want

cryonics for himself, despite everything stated in the


    This is no big secret. I've said repeatedly in the press for nine months
that there were no patients at Alcor who didn't have proper paperwork.
However, the extent of the paperwork we have was not revealed before. With
the court ordering Alcor to release the document of gift, there's no reason
for me to "tiptoe" around the TW issue any longer.


"Also, there is zero outstanding debt for his


    What I said was "There are no outstanding debts for any patient."


"Alcor was not able to comment as to whether JHW was


    It is the policy of Alcor to neither confirm nor deny the existence of
any patient unless given explicit permission in writing to do so. The only
exception is if Alcor is presented with a court order.


"Alcor members are the single largest donors, in

total, to state representatives."

    Individual Alcor members have been very interested in Arizona state
politics. Alcor itself cannot, does not, and will not involve itself in
state politics.


"Confidentiality has been modified. For 95% of new

incoming patients, it will effectively remain the

same. But if a new patient causes any kind of serious

problem (i.e. Ted Williams) the confidentiality can be

broken enough to fix that problem. This seems very

reasonable to me."

    Again, this is no secret. Without having checked the record, I believe I
called for a board resolution at the May board meeting to modify the
confidentiality clause. Our board meetings are open to the public and
transcripts of the meetings are widely distributed.


"Two new issues of cryonics magazine were available

on the counter at the event. I did not take any home

since I figured I'd get them in the mail shortly. But

they've been printed and one discusses the glass

transition point, etc."

    Yes, two back issues are printed. And I did take samples of both issues
to the cryofeast as a teaser (one of the benefits to those who showed up.)
However, they will not be mailed simultaneously. One is in the mail right
now, to arrive in your mailbox any day. The second will be mailed in two to
three weeks. I sincerely apologize for the delays in getting the magazine
out. We believe we've worked out the bugs and members can expect much more
consistency. During the membership surveys taken by WalshCOMM many members
expressed the desire to see a more reliable Cryonics magazine. That
information was clearly reported back to us by WalshCOMM, along with very
specific recommendations on how we needed to respond to the members. We
accepted all of the WalshCOMM recommendations for implementation.

    I hope this posting gives some context to my weekend statements. My
intention is always to inform the membership to the greatest extent
possible. Please understand that there are certain subjects on which I
simply cannot comment. When that happens, I'll simply say "I can't comment,"
and give you a reason. Not everyone will be happy with that, but it's the
most honest answer I can give.

Joe Waynick


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