X-Message-Number: 24735
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2004 11:00:33 -0700
From: Mike Perry <>
Subject: Obesity and Disability

To James Swayze: you want less weight, but don't eat that much (and don't 
exercise much if any, since you're paralyzed). Still, what you do eat is 
what makes you weigh what you do. Nobody is overweight who is willing to 
cut down sufficiently on their eating. If you are up to it psychologically, 
you could practice calorie restriction with adequate nutrition (CRAN). You 
would want to get a reasonably accurate fix on your actual calorie intake. 
With that in hand, you could experiment and find a diet that made you slim 
but not too slim, and might greatly improve your health. You would sidestep 
the problem you bring up of more rapid aging from a "metabolism booster." A 
downside might be a near-constant hunger you'd have to live with--can be 
done however, and makes you appreciate food items more. (Or maybe you could 
go for an appetite suppressant after all.) Do it under a doctor's 
supervision, of course. In your case there could be special problems, so I 
think you should be especially careful and make sure your physician okays 
anything you try. (BTW, I've been on calorie restriction, with what seems 
to be adequate nutrition, for several years now.) Best of luck!

Mike Perry

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