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Subject: 2,500-Year-Old Pomegranate 
Date: Fri, 1 Oct 2004 19:19:15 -0400

2,500-Year-Old Pomegranate Found in Greece

      Fri Oct 1,11:06 AM ET   Science - AP

ATHENS, Greece - A scientific dig has uncovered four pomegranates believed
to be 2,500 years old preserved inside a woven basket nestled in a bronze
vessel, a Greek archaeologist said Friday.

The fruits were found at an archaeological dig in the area of Ancient
Corinth, about 63 miles west of Athens.

"They were preserved because the vessel was closed very well. The
oxidization of the bronze functioned protectively, so no microorganisms
developed and destroyed them," Panayiota Kasimi, the archaeologist in charge
of the dig, told The Associated Press.


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