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Date: Fri, 01 Oct 2004 23:23:08 -0700
From: James Swayze <>
Subject: A little known truth about weight gain

For Thomas and Mike,

To fully understand my current problem with weight and to see why some 
people can gain weight or not lose it, while dieting or not overeating, 
one must fully understand the little known truth about Type II Diabetes 
and Syndrome X.. I happen to have this problem, Hyperinsulinemia. I 
don't understand it well enough to describe it adequately so I'll depend 
on those interested looking it up here at the LEF site. Warning, it' a 
lot of reading.

Diabetes and Syndrome X
"In secondary diabetes, a primary condition, such as chronic or 
recurrent pancreatitis (an inflammatory condition of the pancreas), can 
result in diabetes. Also, adverse responses to medications can bring on 
secondary diabetes."

"obesity and chronic hyperinsulinemia induce insulin resistance in 
peripheral tissues. Chronic hyperinsulinemia (in turn) is a predictor of 

"hyperinsulinemia makes weight management particularly difficult"

The dark side of insulin and Hyperinsulinemia

"The role that excess insulin plays in inducing and maintaining obesity 
has not gone completely unnoticed."

Not only did an infection trigger my Type II Diabetes stemming from 
Secondary Diabetes but I also have the genetic markers for it and 
Syndrome X. My mother has the 45 deg angle crease in her ear lobe. The 
LEF information pages are amazing.[end note]

I only eat <500 calories for breakfast and between 750-1000 for evening. 
Aren't these calorie levels as low as CR? If I eat much less I have 
problems going too low for blood sugar and going unconscious possibly 
going further into coma and possibly death. My blood sugar has dipped as 
low as 50 on many occasions and I was so light headed I nearly passed 
out. The flip side is needing insulin to even get any benefit from the 
food I eat but insulin as you'll see with Syndrome X causes weight gain.

I kept my weight between 200 and 220 pounds for 22+ years of my 
paralyzed life. Understand that  I am 6'5" tall so this is optimum 
weight for me. About 3 years ago I was put on Actos to aid with blood 
glucose control and it caused me to gain weight rapidly although not 
changing diet but it did help in normalizing my blood glucose levels. A 
highly visible member of our ilk notified me he also gained weight on 
Actos and has since switched to Metformin (Glucophage) and lost all that 
he gained. But he can exercise and has, I suspect, healthier kidneys 
than I. Metformin is hard on the kidney's and so I've had to cut my 
dosage in half and still don't know if I am safe at that level but it's 
not helping my BG levels much.

It seems like it should be as physics would predict that less energy 
input should equal direct loss of weight but in reality it is much more 
complicated than that.



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