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From: "Joe Waynick" <>
Subject: No Outstanding Debts, but Were They Paid?
Date: Sat, 2 Oct 2004 09:20:08 -0700

    It has come to my attention that there are members who have legitimate
questions about Alcors patient acceptance practices. Hopefully, I can
address those questions in this posting.

    Alcor has never actually suspended anyone in exchange for "publicity".
However, back in the 1980s an offer was made to one or two science fiction
authors to give them a suspension in exchange for their endorsement, but
they never took us up on it. For the record, I am adamantly opposed to such
arrangements and have no plans to enter into one. In addition, there are no
such arrangements or even offers to make such arrangements on the table with
anyone at this time. All members are required to pay for their suspension
with proper funding arrangements.

     We have no outstanding receivables for suspension funding nor have we
written off any outstanding suspension funding debts in recent years. In
short, there are no outstanding debts or unfunded suspensions that are being
"hidden." Nevertheless, there have been unfunded suspensions in the past.
The only documented unfunded suspensions I could find, (documented on paper
and/or from the memories of everyone I asked about this issue), were one
suspension in the early 1990s when a members insurance policy did not pay
off, and again when we assumed care of three patients from other
organizations in the 1980s (including Dr. Bedford), but nothing of the sort
has happened since then.

     I will not comment on the specifics of any particular members financial
arrangements beyond what I have stated above because I consider it an
invasion of patient privacy and not a matter for public record. If there are
additional questions that do not violate patient confidentiality I will do
my best to answer them.



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