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Date: Tue, 05 Oct 2004 03:48:49 -0700
From: James Swayze <>
Subject: Re: Shermer and Cryonics & PR
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>Message #24755
>Date: Mon, 4 Oct 2004 09:05:38 EDT
>Subject: Re: Shermer and Cryonics

>We will eventually additional high profile thought leaders and scientists  as 
>rational cryonicists.  Although Joe Waynick made it clear that everybody  

>must pay their own freight, closing the door on PR based signups discounted for
>good publicity value.
Weeellll, maybe not necessarily completely closed. This goes for either 
cryonics organization. All that is needed is to elicite the help of some 
wealthy entity tht seeks ublicity for themsleves and cna justify the 
associaion wih a noted individual and a jaw dropping topic like cryonics.

A possible theoretic example could be a newly offered science magzine 
needing to promote itself by paying for the suspension ofnoted Nobel 
Lauerate X via he vehicle of doing an expose' article on the up and 
coming practice of cryonics and why would a man of such distinction even 
consider such a thing?

This could work for an existing science or technology magazine 
especially a computer tech one with the addition of someone like B. 
Gates or L. Elison or P. Allen, etc.

Heck! It doesn't even need to be a magazine. It can be any entity 
seeking some splash and willing to get a magazine or TV News entity 
involved ot expose' their offer.

>Must go for now, have 364 emails and a stack of mail a meter high, with  
>cryonics sales to process and wonderful people to serve.  Great to be  back!
>Warm greetings to all,
>Rudi Hoffman

Glad to have you back at home and having safely missed the storms! How 
faired your dwellings there in Florida? Gee whiz, 4 out of 6 Atlantic 
hurcs all in one month, gotta be a record! Makes one wonder... ;)



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