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Date: Sat, 04 Dec 93 22:40:26 GMT
From:  (Michael Clive Price)

Minutes of the meeting held at Eastbourne at 11:00am on the 7th of November
1993.  Minutes taken & prepared by Michael Price.

Meeting #[11]93

The meeting began at approximately 11:00am

Present were:
     Andrew Clifford
     Trisha Cross
     Michael Price
     Alan Sinclair
     Garret Smyth

Apologies for absence received from:

     John Ellis
     Steve Strong
     Steve Whitrow

1    Previous Minutes

2    Actions (format: action#(meeting#)yr/actionee)

2[2]93/GS      Email EI to ER team      Paper copies (a couple of sheets)
                                        received.  Garret to post copies
               Action continues

6[2]93/AJC     Subscription schedule    Computerised accounting system (for
                                        1994).  Andrew to purchase a suitable
                                        PC next year.
               Action continues

8[2]93/AJC     Equipment inventory      Entry of data into PC files by Andrew. 
                                        100% complete.
               Action complete

3[4]93/MCP     Begging letter           Letter sent out with minutes to
                                        members (except for two members who
                                        owe less than a year's dues).
               Action continues.

1[6]93/MCP     Building Insurance       No excess option available - cost
               Action continues

1[7]93/MCP     Invoices and 800 info    See AOB
               Action complete

1[8]93/GS      Newsletter               Awaits input (see 1[11]93)
               Action continues

1[10]93/AS     Tubes and connectors     Thin tubing and 2- and 3-way
                                        connectors purchased (sold as home-
                                        brew kits).  The connectors make
                                        awfully tight connections with the
                                        tubing!  Thick tubing sources still
                                        being investigated.
               Action continues

2[10]93/AS     Pesticide                Pesticide has been put down.
               Action complete

3    Progress

3.1  Publicity

     Most of the meeting was given over to interviews with a film crew for a
     local TV news service.

3.2  Membership

     Andrew has been following up responses to the mailshot we posted after the
     last meeting.  Of the 131 enquiries sent to people who have expressed an
     interest we have received 11 responses (2 negative and 9 positive).  7
     letters were returned as address unknown.  To follow up on the positive
     responses we will construct an Anglicised frequently-asked-questions.

     1[11]93/MCP/GS/AS   FAQ            List of questions and answers to be

4    Any Other Business

4.1  The next AUK meeting will be held at the facility near Eastbourne at
     11:00am on the 5th of December 1993.

4.2  Bracelet numbers.  We recently had an enquiry from Alcor US about the
     numbers our members have on their Alcor bracelets.  Some of us have the
     _old_ Riverside number USA 714 736-1703 (the _new_ area code for Riverside
     is 909, replacing 714) whilst some of us have the free-phone USA 800 367-
     2228 number.  Both these numbers are, or will be soon, invalid.  Alcor US
     are considering issuing new bracelets with the 800 number, so as
     (presumably) to avoid the problem about changing the number whenever they
     move or are assigned a new number.  We have advised them that 800 numbers
     do not work outside continental N.America, so issuing bracelets (after the
     forthcoming move) with the Scotsdale number would be best for us and all
     overseas members.

[Standard disclaimer: Alcor UK and Alcor LEF of the USA are independent

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