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Subject: Technical Development Leader Wanted
Date: Wed, 6 Oct 2004 11:42:48 -0700

Technical Development Leader

    The Alcor Life Extension Foundation (Alcor) is the world leader in
cryonics, and cryonics research and technology. Cryonics is the science of
using ultra-cold temperatures to suspend and preserve human life.  The
intent is that technologically advanced scientific procedures will one day
be available to revive cryopreserved humans and restore them to good health.

    For more than thirty years we have developed and implemented innovative
techniques in the field of human cryopreservation. These techniques involve
a combination of biomedical research and conventional medical skills. 

    We currently have an immediate opening for a Technical Development
Leader (TDL) in our Scottsdale, Arizona facility. For more information about
Alcor please see our website at  <http://www.alcor.org/>


    Alcor uses equipment and technologies derived from medicine,
cryobiology, and cryogenic engineering to achieve our objectives.  The TDL
will be responsible for the development and maintenance of equipment and
infrastructure required to perform human cryopreservation and related
research.  Specialized equipment used by Alcor includes:

*	Cardiopulmonary perfusion systems.
*	Temperature-controlled vapor circulation systems.
*	Automated data acquisition and process control systems.
*	Cryogenic dewars and liquid nitrogen handling systems.
*	Chemical handling and mixing equipment.

     The TDL will report to Alcor's CEO, and work with existing technical
staff and Alcor's external Research and Development Committee to maintain
and improve existing procedures and equipment, and to design, construct,
test, and validate new equipment and procedures. 

    The person we are looking for will be innovative, self-motivating, and
creative with excellent communication skills.  The TDL must be able to
rapidly learn essential aspects of a highly complex and challenging field,
with limited supervision during the learning period.  The TDL must also be
comfortable functioning in a medical/surgical environment, and in the
development of methods and systems for physical handling of cryonics
patients at ambient and cryogenic temperatures.  Most of all, the individual
must share our vision that cryonics patients require the same conscientious
dedication to patient welfare as conventional medicine, even though cryonics
procedures are still experimental.


*	The TDL will be responsible for maintaining hardware infrastructure,
and specifying, procuring or constructing new equipment as necessary for the
resolution of logistical and technical issues with our existing patient
transport processes.
*	Identify and evaluate new engineering developments and gauge
applicability to existing processes.
*	Maintain current working knowledge of perfusion engineering, data
acquisition systems, and cryogenic engineering as applicable to Alcor's
*	Participate with the Chairman, CEO, COO, and Research and
Development Committee in planning short and long-term technology strategies.
*	Be capable of collaborating with others on projects and basic
research relevant to long-term objectives.
*	Enforce strict compliance with all regulatory agencies including but
not limited to OSHA, EPA, USDA, DEQ and the local Fire Marshal.
*	Available for travel for up to six to ten weeks out of the year.

     As a final note, confidentiality is mandatory and the TDL will be
required to respect the privacy of member and patient medical information.
All internal records are to be protected such that member and patient
confidentiality is maintained at all times.  In addition, the TDL is
responsible for ensuring that all directly and indirectly supervised
personnel, contractors, and vendors adhere to this mandate as well.


*	Degree in science or engineering.
*	Practical work experience in degreed field.
*	Excellent communication skills required.
*	Basic electronics knowledge and workshop skills are essential.
*	Knowledge of computer data acquisition and control systems is highly
*	Knowledge of organ perfusion systems or cardiopulmonary bypass is
*	Experience in biomedical research or engineering is a plus.
*	Experience in chemistry is a plus.

     Alcor offers a competitive salary and comprehensive benefits package.
Employees must reside in the greater Phoenix area, or be willing to relocate
to Phoenix (we may assist with relocation expenses.) Qualified applicants
should eMail their resume and salary requirement to:





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