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Subject: Transport Coordinator Wanted
Date: Wed, 6 Oct 2004 11:47:50 -0700

Transport Coordinator - Paramedic/RN

    The Alcor Life Extension Foundation is the world leader in cryonics, and
cryonics research and technology. Cryonics is the science of using
ultra-cold temperatures to suspend and preserve human life.  The intent is
that technologically advanced scientific procedures will one day be
available to revive cryopreserved humans and restore them to good health.

    For more than thirty years we have developed and implemented innovative
techniques in the field of human cryopreservation. These techniques involve
a combination of biomedical research and conventional medical skills. 

    We believe that intelligence, memories, and personality are determined
primarily by the structure and chemistry of the human brain. Our aim is to
preserve the brain so faithfully that its unique identity will also be
preserved, so that future science may be able to revive the individual. This
procedure is popularly known as "cryonics." We realize that it is highly
speculative, but we feel that human life is sufficiently precious to justify
our attempt, even though the outcome is unknown.

    A large body of clinical data indicates that the human brain can be
protected successfully from post-ischemic injury by rapid cooling and the
introduction of medications such as antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. 

    We currently have an immediate opening for a Transport Coordinator at
our Scottsdale, Arizona facility.  For more information about Alcor please
see our website at http://www.alcor.org <http://www.alcor.org/> .


    The Transport Coordinator will be responsible for the maintenance of
Alcor's existing patient transport process, ensuring that equipment is
properly maintained for emergency deployment, field personnel are adequately
trained, and that the highest quality of care is delivered to our patients.
Once suitably experienced in our procedures, the Transport Coordinator will
be responsible for improving our existing training regimen, updating
documentation, implementing regular training sessions for regional transport
groups within the United States, and supervising the certification process
for our technicians. The Transport Coordinator will also perform the
following specific tasks:


1.	Establish contact with member physician or medical facility upon
terminal diagnosis.
2.	Assess patients' condition, WITHOUT participating or interfering in
any way with treatment. Note: Tracking the condition may continue on an
intermittent basis, in person or by phone.
3.	Organize and maintain a standby, often in a remote location, until
pronouncement or recovery of patient.


1.	Move the patient into a portable ice bath for rapid cooling.
2.	Inject medications to prevent coagulation and post-ischemic injury.
3.	Intubate the patient if possible.
4.	Provide oxygen.
5.	Use chest compressions to circulate meds and oxygen to the brain.
6.	Surgically access femoral vessels for connection to heart-lung
machine (training to be provided.)

     The Transport Coordinator will then supervise the transport of the
patient to our facility in Scottsdale, Arizona, and possibly continue
participation in the case in the operating room.  We will provide on-the-job
training in fundamental principles of cryobiology and cryoprotective

    This position requires out of town travel, (occasionally to foreign
countries), approximately 6 to 8 weeks per year. The Transport Coordinator
to be on call on a 24-hour basis for emergencies which may occur two or
three times per year. Otherwise, normal business working hours are required.

     The person we are looking for will be adventurous, innovative,
self-motivating, and creative, but stable and absolutely reliable in
challenging situations. Our Transport Coordinator must have good people
skills to interact successfully with our patients' family members and
hospital personnel. Most of all, the individual must share our vision that
cryonics patients require the same conscientious dedication to patient
welfare as conventional medicine, even though cryonics procedures are still

    This is an exciting opportunity to participate at the edges of current
knowledge and feasibility, in the hope that the successful cryopreservation
of the human brain will enable future resuscitation decades or more in the
future. You will be part of one of the most difficult and ambitious
scientific endeavors ever pursued.


*	Nationally certified Paramedic or RN.
*	Current licensure and certification required.
*	A minimum of five (5) years experience is required.
*	Equivalent experience in a credentialed health field will be
*	Experience in an emergency room setting is highly desirable.
*	Experience in tissue recovery is a plus.
*	Excellent communication skills are required.

     Alcor offers a competitive salary and comprehensive benefits package.
Employees must reside in the greater Phoenix area, or be willing to relocate
to Phoenix (we may assist with relocation expenses.) Qualified applicants
should eMail their resume and salary requirement to: 










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