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Date: Wed, 6 Oct 2004 18:17:31 -0700 (PDT)
From: Scott Badger <>
Subject: Infidel Guy and Bob Ettinger Interview

As a subscriber to Infidelguy.com, I was able to
listen to Reginald Finley's interview of Dr. Ettinger
on the subject of cryonics, a basic discussion.

It was surprising to me to find Mr. Finley was as
uninformed as he was on the subject... really almost
completely ignorant on the issue. Consequently, many
of the same old questions came up. And, as usual, it
was diffult to offer short answers to complicated
questions. I found Dr. Ettinger to be patient,
personable, and informative. 

After Dr Ettinger hung up, Mr Finley's comments seemed
to linger on his concerns that waking in the future
without one's memories intact would make wakening not
worth the effort. He was also clearly surprised at the
low cost of cyonics as quoted by Dr. Ettinger. 

The only problem I had with Dr. Ettinger's interview
was that in the face of multiple questions dealing
with how it would be possible in the future to repair
cell damage, not one word was said with regard to the
potential of nanotechnology. 

Atheists, I believe, tend to be pretty open to the
promise of technology, and they tend to be a
relatively good market for cryonics, so I don't why it
wasn't explained that many cryonicists anticipate that
Nanotech may well be instrumental to our eventual
resuscitation, regardless of Dr. Ettinger's personal

Scott Badger

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