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Date: Thu, 7 Oct 2004 09:48:53 EDT
Subject: Ben Bova Dialogue, reuploaded in readable format

Hello, Fellow Cryoneters,
Thought you would be interested in an email I received from author Ben  Bova, 
and my response.  Also, please do not write to him at this email  address, I 
erroneously did, he prefers correspondence coming through his  website.  
Rudi Hoffman CFP  CLU
Certified Financial Planner
Chartered Life Underwriter
"Planning  Tomorrow, Today"

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Dear  Rudi Hoffman: Although cyronics is interesting,
I'm putting my faith in  cellular biology and life
extension, especially the work going on dealing  with
telomerase. Thanks for asking, though; I appreciate
your concern.  And thanks for your kind words about my
work. Ben  Bova

Hello, Dr. Bova,
Thanks for your response above.  Of course life extension and  telomerase 
research, along with calorie restriction, and other modalities of  life 

extension, are complementary protocols for cryonics, not adversarial  protocols.
Cryonics is, however, perhaps the only technology or modality which  may save 
your brain pattern should you develop cancer or "die" by accident  tomorrow.  
Most of my friends active in the cryonics community are also aggressively  
near the "leading bleeding" edge in life extension research, science, and  

application.  They recognize that going into the liquid nitrogen dewar is  not 
end in itself, but a backup plan complementary to taking advantage of  other 
life extension and preservation protocols.
Conversely, not having this backup plan is putting your data at risk.   In 

this case, the data being rather important to us as individuals, since  the data
is "us." :)
As a world class sci-fi writer, you may be interested in perhaps the best  

hard edged fiction book ever written with a cryonics theme, "The First Immortal"
 by James Halperin.  With your permission, it would be my pleasure to send  
you this book, which may provide even greater "deep background" and more  
realistic elements to your future writings.
THE great book on the exciting real world "time travel" of cryonics has yet  
to be written.  I am writing THE book on cryonics funding.  I would  like to 

see you, Dr. Bova, write THE book based on REAL WORLD and near future  cryonics.

The vast majority of even highly educated people do not realize  that cryonic 
suspension immediately upon "death" is even an option.  And  even among this 
small subset of people who having some notion of the  concept, most think it 
is extremely costly or only for wealthy "whackos."   

With the magic leverage made available by life insurance, most anyone  who 

lives in America and wants a chance to beat death can afford cryonics  services.
 This means that every day thousands of intelligent individuals  have their 
brain patterns and accumulated wisdom irretrievably lost because they  do not 
KNOW there is an option.
I missed the chance to dialogue with Carl Sagan, who is now permanently  

dead.  Another perfect candidate for a high profile cryonics signup has  been 
recently, with the death of Francis Crick.
You, Ben Bova, have a unique opportunity to help bring about the exciting  
world of the future you write about.  

May I send you  Halperin's book?  
Respectfully Yours, Still Hopefully for Centuries,


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