X-Message-Number: 24772
Date: Thu, 7 Oct 2004 11:24:04 -0700
Subject: Re: "full-service"
From: Kennita Watson <>

On Thursday, Oct 7, 2004, at 02:00 US/Pacific, Robert Ettinger wrote:
> JoeWaynick is still saying Alcor is "the only full-service cryonics
> organization in existence."
Why did I just *know* Bob would be all over that? :-)

I was kind of wondering exactly what Joe meant when he said
that myself, and figured that asking him before jumping
all over him would be helpful, but the term "hairtrigger"
seems to be aptly used here, and I wasn't hopeful.

In any case, Joe -- if you can list what services you see
Alcor as providing, and which of those services you think
various other organizations do not provide such that you
see them as not being "full-service" (maybe different
services for each organization) -- keeping things as much
as possible to matters of fact rather than matters of
opinion (in my experience, "best" is almost always a matter
of opinion, because it assumes a set of values; "fastest"
can be a matter of fact when sufficiently circumscribed) --
maybe those of us in the studio audience can get data with
which to make our own decisions without unnecessary raising
of blood pressures.

BTW, what ever happened to that idea about a neutral-party
comparison of cryonics organizations that (IIRC) Aubrey de
Grey came up with?  I think that would help a *lot*.


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