X-Message-Number: 24776
Date: Thu, 7 Oct 2004 20:05:25 -0700 (PDT)
From: Doug Skrecky <>
Subject: Google has spoken

Who is "the world leader in cryonics"?
Nervously, the above phrase was typed into Google.

The result was a single hit, and I think we all know who that was.

Next phrase Googled was "the world leader in cryopreservation".
Not a single hit! Wow, this phrase is just begging to be used up!

Next Google: "the world leader in humor".
Not a single hit! However this is an American varient spelling of the
original British/Canadian "humour".

Next Google: "the world leader in humour"
Not a single hit! However being without Ego, Canadians would never claim
to be unconditional leaders in anything.

Next Google: "the world leader in Canadian humour".
Wow, a single hit!  "The Toque"

To avoid rotting people's minds I will not reveal Toque's secret site.
Upon accessing this secret site, I was horrorfied horrified? to learn...

"Girl Scouts are NOT as sweet as their cookies"

Quote: "Don't let these charming smiles fool you. Girl Scouts are highly
trained operatives with a primary objective of taking your cash." Later it
mentioned something about "deceptively cute neo-military polyester
uniforms". Finally there was a truly mind blowing reference to Salvation
Army which I can only repeat in a followup email, if there is one.

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