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From: "Michael P. Read" <>
Subject: RE: CryoNet #24762: "full service" and "leader"
Date: Thu, 7 Oct 2004 22:08:00 -0700

>JoeWaynick is still saying Alcor is "the only full-service cryonics 
>organization in

	In every other industry I have ever heard of or been in, no one
looks sideways at a company that claims to be the best.  When Walmart claims
to have the lowest prices, one doesn't see Target or K-Mart calling a press
conference or even posting on the Internet how Walmart is
wrong/lying/misleading.  When I was first learning to fly, someone said to
me that if I didn't believe I was the best, I was in the wrong industry.  I
find that is an effective attitude in every other industry.  (Note:  that
does not mean being arrogant, putting down others, or not willing to learn.
I think we all understand that).

	I expect Joe Waynick to say Alcor is the best and why he thinks so.
I expect the people at CI to say they are the best and why they think so.  I
don't take offense at either because I view it as an expression of
confidence.  Confidence is a good thing.  I expect Joe to be confident and
it is normal behavior to express it.  That this is not understood is a
mystery to me because all of us have been around long enough to understand

Mike Read
Alcor member

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