X-Message-Number: 24779
Subject: Re: "full-service"
Date: Fri, 8 Oct 2004 04:05:34 US/Eastern

  Kennita Watson wrote:

> BTW, what ever happened to that idea about a neutral-party
> comparison of cryonics organizations that (IIRC) Aubrey de
> Grey came up with?  I think that would help a *lot*.

   I think you would have a hard time finding a "neutral-party",
Kennita.  Even if there were people committed to being 
"neutral" or "objective", they would surely come to conclusions
that would be unacceptable to the people in the particular 
organizations -- who are certainly not neutral.  I cannot see a way 
that this would reduce hostile confrontations between members of 
the organizations and I am doubtful that it would allow people to 
choose between organizations in a manner that the organizations 
would find "unbiased".  It might even foment new conflicts -- 
between organizations and with the "neutral party". 

  So I question that such an attempt would work and am
doubtful that it would help.  If you think I am wrong, I would
like to hear in detail why -- how it would work as well as how 
you think it would help "a *lot*".  

  This is my "neutral", "unbiased", "objective" opinion -- unrelated
to any tendentious partisanism I may harbor. 

                -- Ben Best

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