X-Message-Number: 24790
Date: Sun, 10 Oct 2004 11:25:03 -0700
Subject: Re: New Scientist Promotion
From: Kennita Watson <>

On Saturday, Oct 9, 2004, at 02:00 US/Pacific, "John de Rivaz" 
<> wrote:

> Valid point, but don't you think if it was an acceptable option 
> available on
> state or insurance sponsored medical finance then it would be both as 
> easy,
> and also not controversial, as any medical procedure. But it is 
> probably
> correct to say that people checking a box didn't think this through at 
> all.
Unless other medical procedures involve a lot more paperwork
than I think, being accepted on insurance wouldn't go far
towards making it easy.  The financing paperwork is a completely
separate set of paperwork from the suspension agreement.


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