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Subject: Re: Reply to Aubrey de Grey
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2004 02:32:47 US/Eastern

  Aubrey de Grey wrote: 

> > I think you would have a hard time finding a "neutral-party",
> > Kennita.  Even if there were people committed to being 
> > "neutral" or "objective", they would surely come to conclusions
> > that would be unacceptable to the people in the particular 
> > organizations -- who are certainly not neutral.
> My suggestion was that it be co-written by partisans, e.g. you and Joe.
> The thought was that this gets over the problem you describe in the same
> way that a cake can be shared by one person cutting it in two and the
> other choosing which half to take.

    Actually, Aubrey I have stressed time and time again that I  
I hate the partisanism I see in cryonics, despite the fact that I 
am President of the Cryonics Institute. This does not mean
that I have no competitiveness or that I am not highly motivated to
make great improvements at CI, but this involves little ill-will toward Alcor.

   Robert Ettinger is probably the most partison Director at CI
and I am probably the least -- with most Directors being closer to
Mr. Ettinger's position than to mine. When it comes to relations with
Alcor, Robert Ettinger speaks more for the Directors than I do.  I have
just experienced a few days of fighting with the CI Directors and 
Advisors over relations with Alcor and I am not eager to repeat the

    To make a bad joke in poor taste, in the context of your 
scenario  Mr. Waynick and Mr. Ettinger would probably be
fighting over the knife with a more malevolent intention than
how to cut the cake. I believe that Joe Waynick has already
indicated that he will not reply further to Robert Ettinger's 
comments about him in CryoNet. People not on speaking
terms are not in a position to co-write documents. 

    I know that you mean well, but your suggestions are
naive to the consequences of the ill will existing between
Members of the two organizations, as much as we wish 
it were otherwise. 

     -- Ben Best, speaking for himself 

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