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Date: Wed 14 Nov 90 07:40:46-EST
From: Thomas Donaldson <>
Subject: Re: cryonics #247 - Re: Proposal for Cheap Freeze
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I want to strongly second Brian Wowk's comment. Far off in Australia I was
not at the center of things, but I was actually looking for a cryonics 
society (with the aim of trying to guarantee that I be frozen) at that 
time. I remember vividly learning of them.

The point about relatives is particularly telling. In practice love
fades away with time, no matter how many poems to the contrary.

I know that the lessons of history can be hard to learn. There is always
something different, so someone can say:  "But that doesn't apply to me,
I'm DIFFERENT". And then ignore previous events. Sometimes the case IS
different. But if your life depends on it you better look at it REAL REAL
HARD. It's awfully easy to fool yourself.
			-- Thomas Donaldson

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