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From: "Joe Waynick" <>
Subject: Re: Reply to Aubrey de Grey
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2004 06:43:01 -0700

>I believe that Joe Waynick has already indicated that

>he will not reply further to Robert Ettinger's comments about 

>him in CryoNet. People not on speaking terms are not in 

>a position to co-write >documents.

     Ben, you misunderstand me. The entire comparison fiasco is trivial. I
won't respond because we both have more important things to do. Mr. Ettinger
may not be on speaking terms with me, (I don't know that for a fact), but I
certainly have no difficulty speaking with him on substantive issues. Nor do
I have any difficulty cooperating with CI on mutually beneficial
arrangements that help all cryonicists.



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