X-Message-Number: 24804
Subject: Re: Reply to Aubrey de Grey
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2004 00:51:31 US/Eastern

  Aubrey de Grey wrote:

> Fair enough...  By "partisan" I only meant "representing the respective
> organisations" -- of course the less partisan the people actually feel,
> the better.  But if there's too much acrimony right now for such people
> (you and Tanya, maybe?) to carry their respective boards with them, then
> yes, now is evidently not the time.

    As I said, Aubrey, with respect to relations with Alcor my views
are not representative of the CI Board, therefore I cannot represent
CI in these matters. And I am against the comparisons
document in the first place -- also not representative of most of
the CI Directors and Advisors -- but no one is going to force me
to produce one. 

  Joe Waynick wrote:

> Ben, you misunderstand me. The entire comparison fiasco is trivial. I
> won't respond because we both have more important things to do. Mr. Ettinger
> may not be on speaking terms with me, (I don't know that for a fact), but I
> certainly have no difficulty speaking with him on substantive issues. Nor do
> I have any difficulty cooperating with CI on mutually beneficial
> arrangements that help all cryonicists.

   Thank you for these comments, Joe. I am sorry if I misunderstood
you and even more sorry if I misrepresented you.

     -- Ben Best 

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