X-Message-Number: 24813
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 2004 08:51:22 -0500
Subject: Reeve

Mr Swayze writes, "Christopher Reeve through misfortune found himself being a 
ally in the fight over Stem Cell Research, freedom and funding."

It was not misfortune it was a risk he took and he suffered the consequences. No
one forced him to go out jumping his horse. If he had stayed home watching TV 
or stayed in the studios making movies he would have been fine. I'm tired of 
people whining about their misfortune instead of blaming themselves. Also you 
will never get a man like Reeve promoting cryonics. He wanted a medical cure, he
didn't want to die (he would see cryonics as dying). Death means defeat to that
kind of person. No way he is going to go out and promote his own death.
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