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Date: Thu, 14 Oct 2004 18:16:15 -0700
From: James Swayze <>
Subject: Re: implantable data chip... luddites already  groundlessly disapprove
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>Message #24806
>From: "Bryan Hall" <>
>Subject: FDA approves use of implantable data chip
>Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2004 13:06:08 -0700
>The Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday approved an implantable 
>computer chip that can pass a patient's medical details to doctors, speeding 

>I wonder if this might eventually be useful as a way to inform emergency 
>works to contact one's cryonics company in the event of a medical emergency, 
>in addition to the regular necklace or med alert bracelet.
The luddites are already spinning this outcome with fear propaganda. 
They act as if we, everyone in the world, live now in authoritarian 
totalitarian communistesque regimes where one has no choice over who 
one's leaders are. Or that if an unpopular edict is sent down from on 
high we can't reject it by ejecting those leaders supporting it. These 
people are certain that the evil government is going to chip everyone so 
no one can hide from them. This chip is not even capable of tracking. 
Though some in the future could be it does not automatically lead to our 
having to accept them.

I purchasd an anti Christian book called The Bible Fraud by Tony Bushby 
from a small publisher that deals with unpopular books. For doing so I 
got automatically put on their newsletter which as it turns out is chock 
full of loopy loony new age crap and more, the following ludite response 
to this chip technology. Except for getting a heads up to this kind of 
junk coming out I would dump this newsletter asap.




Someone brought to my attention that the State of Queensland in
Australia is contemplating introducing smart card driver's
licences in the near future.  See
Now, Australia had a referendum on the introduction on what was
to be called the Australia Card some years ago and it was very
firmly voted out.

Richard Cawte of Quester Press in the UK (the world's leading
publisher of freedom and privacy information) also picked up the
story and decided to comment in his newsletter called The Q 
Dear Wealth Creator,
Two years ago, at a seminar in Cancun, I remember hearing the
news that the US government had backed a company called Verichip
to develop micro-chips that can be inserted into humans.  I
remember being amazed to hear that when the company asked for
volunteers on whom to test the product, they were inundated by
requests from people of all ages - including children - all
saying "Me first!  Me first!"
Further back, writing in The Q newsletter in 1999, I talked
about moves in Australia to introduce a smartcard on which there
would be a microchip with information about the bearer stored. 
You know, the ususal stuff - age, occupation, salary, DNA
sample, hobbies, spending habits, religious leanings..... in
fact everything there is to know about you (and probably more!).
It comes as no surprise then to hear that the Premier of
Queensland, Australia is now proposing a new "Smartcard" to be
launched on a  seemingly unsuspecting public.
It will be marketed as anti-fraud, anti-terrorist and a big
plus for the security of all.  
Two things will follow, almost guaranteed - 
Firstly, the cards will be easily lost or stolen so some bright
spark in the government will come up with the notion that they
should be implanted instead...where they can't be lost, tampered
with or discarded.  Verichip will have finished their "tests" by
then of course.  
We'll be sold the line that our children will be safer if we
know where they are.  There will be some particularly gruesome
kidnaps of young girls just beforehand, to make sure the public
join the campaign.  
Secondly, the promotion of a no-cash society will begin in

In 1999 I predicted that within ten years cash would be
outlawed.  I still hold to that prediction.  We'll be told that
it's a lot easier to have no "real money".  Hey, there will be
no tax returns to fill in, because tax will be deducted from the
card before you get it!  And we'll be told that cash machine
fraud, now costing millions, will be wiped out with ease.  There
will be a spate of cash point theft, becoming increasingly
violent, to prove the point.  We'll see the pictures of elderly
people being mugged. A lot of people will say "We need that
smart card!  
Give me a microchip!  Hey, my dog has one, and he's fine!"
It's a case of "watch this space" as governments do their best
to create an environment in which people welcome such a move.
Australia has long been the testing ground for moves then
adopted by the USA, UK and Europe.  So, when Premier Beattie
promotes a technological breakthrough in Queensland, expect
President Bush and Emperor Blair to promote it within a year or
OK readers, so I may sound a little cynical about this - but
the proof will be in the pudding, and if we ingest this pudding,
heaven knows what it will do to us.  Remember, we will have no
idea what is on either the smartcard or the microchip.  And what
is there will be encrypted - again supposedly for our own
If the chips can be used to track someone this means they will
have a transmitter/receiver of some kind built in.  Ever
wondered if that might be used to "suggest" behaviour to the
brain rather than just monitor whereabouts?
The solution is simple - as ever!  Always, always know that
governments are YOUR representatives.  They work for you.  Not
the other way round.  If you don't like what they are doing,
change them - before they change you!  

We don't need smartcards, and we certainly don't need
microchips.  Not unless they come served with micro-fish and are
soaked in micro-vinegar!
Come on you Queenslanders - don't take this with a pinch of
salt - kick him out!
Until next week!
My best wishes,
Dr. Richard Cawte.
Editor, The Q Newsletter, Wealth Creator and Free Spirit.



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