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Date: Fri, 15 Oct 2004 01:52:05 -0500
From: "Bruce J. Klein" <>
Subject: Some Problems with Immortalism - by Ben Best

<>Some Problems with Immortalism - by Ben Best
http://www.benbest.com/lifeext/immortal.html  <>

Ben says that wanting to live forever is "unrealistic" and 
"self-defeating." He says that life has "diminishing returns" when 
applied to life now verses the value of life in the future. He says that 
wanting immortality is like wearing a "kill me" sign as an affront to 

<>In reply to Ben's argument, I agree that thinking about "forever" may 
not be easy now, but only because we're using limited thinking machines, 
the biological brain.  Upgrades in our thinking ability, with 
brain-computer interface technology, will give us the ability to 
understand complex concepts. Are not computer programs great at infinite 

When possible, I think its advantageous for people to focus on physical 
immortality because it gives an answer the question of death=oblivion. 
Religion has a majority hold on this problem now with afterlife 
scenarios - heaven. Physical immortality, on the other hand, gives a 
more concrete alternative.

We're alive now. We know it works. Let's make heaven on earth because 
all indications point the fact that when people die, there's nothing.

<>More discussion on this topic: 


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