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From: "David Pizer" <>
Subject: Everything is relevant
Date: Sat, 16 Oct 2004 20:51:21 -0700

There has been some talk on Cryonet about what are the ramifications of death.  
and the following questions has been the center of that talk:

"Is death the end of everything - oblivion."

The answer:
Yes, as far as the person who died is concerned!

Since the existence of the universe is relevant to each person who lives in it, 
their permanent death is the end of them and everything else, as far as they are

If they don't exit, neither does anything else, as far as they are concerned.  

As far as they are concerned there is nothing and there never was. 

You want to avoid being dead forever and the way to do that is to obtain 
physical immortality.   Be honest, that is what you *really* want.  So go ahead 
and say it, it is ok to admit it.  It ain't selfish (as long as you obtain it 
not at the expense of someone else),  and it is the honest thing to do - admit 
what you want.

While waiting for physical immortality sometime  in the future, you may want to 
obtain a copy of PHYSICAL IMMORTALITY now.  

Venture to the future where physical immortality may become the norm.

Join the Venturists and help us explain what you know to be the truth - that 
physical immortality is a worth goal.

We need your support and financial support.  

Send check for subscription or check for donation to
The Venturists
11255 State Route 69
Mayer Az 86333

David Pizer

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