X-Message-Number: 24834
Date: Sat, 16 Oct 2004 12:02:24 -0700
From: Mike Perry <>
Subject: Inspired by "Forever," Assistance Requested!

Ben Best, #24825:

>People who spend
>their time trying to understand "forever" are far less likely to live 200
>years than people who spend their time trying to solve the practical
>problems of cryonics and anti-aging medicine.

For me though, thinking about and trying to understand "forever" is 
irreplaceable inspiration for trying to solve the practical problems of 
life-extension, including those of cryonics.

Now, one very practical problem I am trying to address is that of low-cost 
but viable alternatives to cryonic suspension. (Even the cheapest cryonic 
suspension is several times the cost of a conventional funeral 
arrangement.) Possible alternatives would be chemopreservation of the brain 
with or without subsequent, lower temperature storage (refrigerated, 
permafrost, or even cryogenic). I am interested in any references on 
preservation through such means as glutaraldehyde and formaldehyde, with 
emphasis on the brain, and, of course, retaining the fine structure in some 
inferable form. (I am not too impressed with what I have read about 
plastination. "Defatting" the brain sounds damaging!) Another consideration 
is what procedures might be doable through morticians which would make 
these procedures widely and quickly available at relatively modest cost. 
Does anyone have any reference recommendations--books, articles, urls? 
Anything else you'd like to say? Send private email if you like. Many thanks.

Mike Perry

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