X-Message-Number: 24840
Date: Sun, 17 Oct 2004 07:28:17 -0400
From: Francois <>
Subject: Discussion on immortality

The recent discussion on the value and desirability of physical immortality
has brought to my mind some questions. Why is it that so many people
denigrate the idea of physical immortality in this reality, citing all sorts
of problems like boredom, lack of meaning, selfishness, etc, etc, while they
are quite happy with the notion of immortality in an afterlife? Wouldn't the
same problems on boredom and meaninglesness apply in an afterlife? How are
those problems, and many others, supposed to be solved in that afterlife and
why couldn't those solutions be applied in the here and now? And why is it
good to strive for an eternal afterlife while it is bad to strive for an
eternal physical life?

The Devil fears those who learn more
than those who pray

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