X-Message-Number: 24852
Subject: Reply to Doug Skrecky about a 200 year lifespan
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 2004 04:57:33 US/Eastern

  Doug Skrecky wrote:

> So a million+ year lifespan is more exciting than Ben's yummy 200+ year
> lifespan. Hmmmm. I think this ignores one unfortunate fact. As things
> stand now, nobody on cryonet will reach even 110 years of age. To borrow a
> quote from Red Dwarf: "Everybody is dead Dave; EVERYBODY is dead Dave;
> Everybody is DEAD, Dave; EVERYBODY IS DEAD, DAVE!".

   Things might not stand for the next 50 or 90 years the way they
stand today -- which means that anti-aging medicine may have
succeeded in that time and that many on CryoNet will be alive by
anyones definitions. No one had flown a mechanical vehicle
for very long before the Wright Brothers. 

        -- Ben

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