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From: whscad1!kqb (Kevin Q Brown +1 201 386 7344)
Subject: CRYONICS USENET Email Gateway

I (usually) have forwarded the technical (science-related) CryoNet
messages to the USENET sci.cryonics news group, and that practice
has not only remarkably improved the discussion there but also
sometimes has produced useful feedback.  One problem with this scheme,
though, is that it makes me the bottleneck in the communications.
Sometimes good messages don't get forwarded for days (as has happened

For people with access to USENET that isn't a big problem.  If I sit
on something too long they can post the message there themselves.
But people without access to USENET have been left without a good
alternative.  Not so anymore.  I have learned of several
email-to-USENET gateways that you can use.  Here is a list I
obtained from a cypherpunks posting:


I haven't tried these, since I have direct access to USENET, but I
personally know someone who successfully used the first one
(cs.utexas.edu) from America Online.

For example, to post a message to sci.cryonics via email, you can send
your message to:


I don't know if using a period rather than a dash in the news group
name (i.e. "") will work there.  Perhaps
other people on this mailing list can offer more information about
these gateways.

These email-to-USENET gateways don't resolve the problems of forwarding
between CryoNet and sci.cryonics, but they do add to our options.

Many months ago Paul Wakfer suggested that instead of having just two
possible prefixes for the Subject line (CRYONICS and CRYONICS.POLITICS),
I should allow a third one (CRYONICS.SCI) for messages that should be
posted to CryoNet and also be forwarded automatically to sci.cryonics.
Now that we are getting several messages appropriate for both CryoNet
and sci.cryonics, I think that I should look into that again.
(FYI: The main complication was updating the "References" fields for
the sci.cryonics postings.  Maybe I could just skip that?)

                              Kevin Q. Brown

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