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Subject: Re: Discussion on immortality 
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 2004 17:43:40 +0100

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 From: Francois <>
> The recent discussion on the value and desirability of physical
> has brought to my mind some questions. Why is it that so many people
> denigrate the idea of physical immortality in this reality, citing all
> of problems like boredom, lack of meaning, selfishness, etc, etc, while
> are quite happy with the notion of immortality in an afterlife?

To that I would also ask why, considering that the vast majority of people
consider cryonics to be a futile waste of money, they consider it perfectly
acceptable to struggle to keep someone alive in a hospital when it is known
that the attempt is useless. Society is willing allow the expenditure of far
more than the cost of cryopreservation on such futile efforts. It is not
just the monetary costs - often the wear and tear on relatives, usually
themselves elderly, commuting hundreds of miles for hospital visits, is also
a "cost". If they get sick as a result there is a further financial cost "to
society" in putting them right, or even for their earlier terminal care.

I am sure that there is no rational answer, but it is certainly a point to
put to people who say that the cost of a cryopreservation should instead be
given to "the poor people of the parish". It is trivial compared to what I
have just mentioned.

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