X-Message-Number: 24876
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2004 13:43:45 +0200
From: olaf henny <>
Subject: My Message 24867 to Thomas Donaldson; Cryonics in British Columbia

With apologies for the HTML encoded and therefore deleted message, which I sent 
yesterday from an unfamiliar computer, I am repeating herewith my message:

In Message No. 24854 Thomas Donaldson wrote in part:

"1. To Doug Skrecky: If I understand rightly, you live in Vancouver, in
   Canada, in the area ruled by the only government which forbids
   cryonics societies totally -- British Columbia."

That is wrong.  About two years ago the Solicitor General of British Columbia 
clarified this in a letter to me.

I am at this time in the tail end of a two month vacation in Turkey and Germany 
and therefore have no access to my records, but I will be pleased to foreward 
you a copy of that letter once I return home at the end of this month, if you so


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