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Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1993 13:20:58 -0800
Subject: CRYONET ACS call for Board candidates

In message #2488, Edgar Swank writes:

> I'm posting the following information in the hopes of
> attracting some of you, especially members of other Cryonics
> societies, especially any of you who live in or near the San
> Francisco Bay Area, to join ACS and run for one of the seven
> positions on the ACS Board of Governors.

> At least one current Governor will not be able to serve next
> year for health reasons.  Two or three other governors have
> been unable or unwilling to attend monthly board meetings with
> any consistency. So there are definitely openings for persons
> willing to serve.

> If you would like to participate in the leadership of a
> dynamic cryonics organization, and if you have been unable to
> break into the ruling clique of your present organization, ACS
> needs you, and perhaps you need ACS.

This is a REMARKABLE letter!  Edgar was present at the ACS Board 
meeting on 12/10/93. At that meeting, ACS terminated the 
memberships of Art Quaife and Jack Zinn. Carmen Brewer was 
dismissed from as ACS Secretary.

Jack's crimes?  He is president of the International Cryonics 
Foundation, and he is an ornery cuss.  My crimes: I am president 
of Trans Time, and I am an ornery cuss. Carmen's crime: she is 
affiliated with me. The main crime of all of us: They were afraid 
that we might run for the ACS Board of Governors!

I have been a member of ACS for 24 years, and served on the Board 
for 10 years.  Jack Zinn is also a long-time member, and served as 
President of ACS for several years. Carmen Brewer has been on the 
Board and served as Secretary for the last few years.  She has 
been one of the few Board members willing to regularly attend 
meetings during that time.

ACS is trying to attract "members of other Cryonics societies" as 
candidates? How does Ed Swank write that and keep from biting his 
tongue off? Or does he mean they will welcome members of other 
organizations who will drop all their other affiliations and swear 
to kiss the nether parts of Jim Yount? I was explicitly told by 
Mr. Yount that they would let me renew my membership if I would 
agree NOT to run for the Board. Ed Swank voted right down the line 
to terminate Jack, me, and Carmen. They also wanted to throw 
Carmen off the Board, until it was pointed out that would be even 
more illegal than the other actions they were taking.

One ironic note:  According to their July 1993 financial statement 
(the last I have), ACS has a NEGATIVE net worth of -757.89.  The 
three of us were waving membership dues checks totalling $778.00 
at them. If ACS had accepted our checks, they would have been out 
of the hole.

Another ironic-tragic note:  The meeting was held at the home of 
Jerry White, who is very ill from AIDS.  A few months ago, Trans 
Time completed construction of an operating room so that we could 
safely suspend AIDS patients here. Also some of our suspension 
personnel who had previously expressed reluctance to participate 
in a neuro-AIDS suspension now stated they would participate in 
the neurosuspension of Jerry.  Yet here were Jerry's "friends" 
busy blocking all cooperation with Trans Time. (I have no 
knowledge that Jerry had anything to do with the decisions to 
throw us out.)

A third ironic note: Carmen is "tainted" by her close relationship 
with me. Yet until her recent resignation, Annie Yount was serving 
on the Trans Time Board of Directors.  I would have thought she 
had a close relationship with her husband Jim Yount, but perhaps I 
am wrong.

As the Friday Night Massacre proceeded, could one hear the thuds 
of goose steps as the few remaining cult members burrowed down 
deeper into their bunker?

Art Quaife

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