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From: "Michael C Price" <>
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Subject: Hell!   (.... was Immortalism, my comments)
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2004 20:26:26 +0100

Mike Perry writes:
> I think the prospect of such resurrections is realistic due to 
> certain other possibilities I consider likely, such as parallel
> universes. It's important to me that a pathway to the renewal 
> of life exist--so the dead will have not died in vain, and all will, 
> one hopes, eventually enjoy eternal bliss. Overall it suggests that 
> life, not death, is the ultimate fate of any individual, even those 
> who are sure they don't want immortality--you will just have to 
> learn to live with it, whether you like it or not. (You will like it 
> in the end, however, I feel reasonably sure.) In the scientifically 
> engineered heaven that I imagine

In the infinity diverse multiverse which you & I believe in there must 
be scientifically engineered hells full of boiling pitch and demons with
pitchforks, "creepy-crawly things or lakes of lava".  Of course we 
can find shaky super-rationalist based arguments, to say that the 
heavens must outnumber the hells (just many modern Christians 
prefer to believe in heaven but not hell), but hells must exist 
*somewhere* in this paradigm.  This is one reason *not* rely on 
universal resurrection, but to try to live in *this* reality, forever.

See you in hell, buddy.  :-(

Michael C Price

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