X-Message-Number: 24895
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2004 20:11:44 -0700 (PDT)
From: Doug Skrecky <>
Subject: Cryonics in British Columbia

> Message #24876 From: olaf henny <>
> In Message No. 24854 Thomas Donaldson wrote in part:
> "1. To Doug Skrecky: If I understand rightly, you live in Vancouver, in
>    Canada, in the area ruled by the only government which forbids
>    cryonics societies totally -- British Columbia."
> That is wrong.  About two years ago the Solicitor General of British
> Columbia clarified this in a letter to me.
  BC companies are banned from offering cryonics services. This ban does
not apply to Alcor or CI, since these are not BC companies. However this
ban does effectively prevent a good quality cryopreservation in BC.
Hospital staff and even funeral homes would have to prudently check with
their lawyers before agreeing to aid in any cryonics case. I'm told there
was such a case recently, and the results were not good.
  Bottom line is that any terminal patient in BC, who wishes to be
cryopreserved well, has no realistic option but to get-out-of-Dodge,
and travel to either Toronto, or slip across the border before expiring.
  There is currently no move to attempt to change Section 57. However
when fully reversible cryopreservation of mammals is achieved I expect
a number of us Canucks will become involved in such an attempt. The
current Legislation was written assuming that such reversible
cryopreservation is impossible, and thus Section 57 is unlikely to survive
very long once its basic premise is falsified.

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