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                         ALCOR BOSTON 
Are you skeptical about being able to explore/vacation in outer space 
in your lifetime?  Then why not increase your chances that you will 
be alive when manned space travel finally becomes economically 
feasible?  Cryonics is a life extention option that may keep you 
alive as we wait a century or two for technology to accomplish what 
we can only dream of today.
We will be discussing:
1)  What will be more important to our society: manned space 
    exploration or manned space vacations?  
2)  Would exploring other galaxies be fun or does our local galaxy 
    contain all the exciting sites that you could ever see?
3)  What would you do to kill time on a long space trip?
4)  Will space travel be an option to all citizens in the future?
5)  Would space travel still be interesting if you could just fake it 
    using a virtual reality simulator?
6)  Will our population problem be solved by space travel?
7)  Is enough money currently being spent on manned space research?
8)  Would the speed of light greatly hinder manned space flight?
9)  What other entertainment options will exist in the future besides 
    space flight?
10) Will people devote themselves mostly to entertainment in the 
We will be meeting on Sunday December 9th, 1990 at 3:00 PM at the 
home of Peter Hurst, 1850 Commonwealth Ave., Brighton, MA 02135.  If 
you get lost, call him at (617) 277-2003.  If you have questions 
about meeting contact call Eric Klien at (508) 663-5480 Work or (508) 
250-0820 Home.  If you can't attend but would like to be on the Alcor 
Boston mailing list, send a postcard to Eric Klien, 1 Sinai Circle 
B10, Chelmsford, MA 01824.  
Note that positions taken by our local discussion group may not be 
shared by Alcor.  
                       ALCOR BOSTON MINUTES
               Sunday November 11th 3:00 - 8:20 PM
Note that Alcor does not endorse any of the positions that our 
discussion group may take.  For example, they do not have a position 
against any religions, nor do they support term life insurance, nor 
do they support rock and roll over classical music. 
Meeting Dates
Our next meetings will be on Dec 9, Jan 13, Feb 10, Mar 10, and April 
14th at 3:00 PM.  Location of the meetings will be at the home of 
Peter Hurst, 1850 Commonwealth Ave, Brighton, MA 02135 until further 
Member Recruitment
We had a smaller group as we moved toward the holiday season.  Ideas 
about how we could increase our membership were discussed.  Writing 
to The Planetary Society, StarLog, the Hemlock Society, the Foresight 
Institute, the Right to Die Foundation, Omni, and Longevity and 
asking for Massachussetts mailing lists was suggested.  Having 
letters to the editor published in these magazines was also 
discussed.  I am in in the process of implementing these suggestions.  
Contacting local groups was also suggested, considering the success 
of our MIT nanotech contact.  I would like to stress that if anyone 
knows of any local groups that may be interested in cryonics, PLEASE 
contact them and ask if they will either accept a speaker or a mass 
Dave Greenstein said he would look into having our group sponser a 
meeting at MIT during the winter break.
Resistance to Life
It was mentioned that for most people life is like a bad movie.  They 
aren't unhappy enough to leave the theater, but they wouldn't pay to 
see the movie again either.  It is this attitude that makes the 
selling of additional years of life so difficult.  Talking about 
movies, I would recommend the movie Ghost, I got a big kick of seeing 
how the world would be if ghosts really existed.  (Crime would 
dramatically drop although there would be a lot of unexplained broken 
windows and lots of flying objects.)
It was also mentioned that most people just think short term, so they 
are unable to realize that even if they are unhappy now, future 
technology could make their lives enjoyable.  
Aging Research
It was mentioned that almost no money is spent for aging research.  I 
am happy to report that according to the November 2, 1990 issue of 
Science, $325 million in government funding and $1.8 billion in 
private funding is being spent on aging research this year.  The 
government spending represents an increase in funding of 36% over 
last year, more than twice as much an increase as any other institute 
at NIH.  
Future Entertainment
The idea of living in virtual realities was discussed.  For example, 
you could pretend to go back in time and explore ancient societies.  
You could even try alternate histories, such as being a leader and 
making different decisions.  By the way, there is a game called 
Battletech that should be housed in Boston within the next 12 months.  
This is a virtual reality game where you pretend to be a huge 30 foot 
robot in a desert environment playing in a four man team against 
other players.  This game took ten years of programming to make and 
is supposed to be a lot of fun.  This is the first virtual reality 
game ever marketed.  It does cost $7.00/10 minutes though due to 
heavy hardware costs.
Skeptical Inquirers of New England
I passed out flyers at the October 31, 1990 meeting of the Skeptical 
Inquirers.  They asked a few questions and seemed fairly interested 
but since only six people attended their meeting, the odds are 
against us getting new members from this meeting.  But it was worth a 
Alcor News
The state of California has finally ruled that cryonics is legal.  
Considering that Alcor has been practicing cryonics for 18 years, 
this was not a moment too soon.  The State of California had been 
refusing to issue death certificates for Alcor members for the past 2 
years in a legal dispute.  They said that since there was no box on 
death certificates for cryonics that cryonics must be illegal.  The 
Los Angeles Superior Court said they were wrong.
Right to Die
It was mentioned that a father killed his son with a court order 
saying that anyone who helped kill his son is not guilty of a crime.  
The son was a quadriplegic and the father was terminally ill.  The 
father disconnected his son's respirator at his son's request.  It 
looks more and more like assisted suicide will soon be legal.  Next 
year, there will be a voter initiative to make this legal in 
Washington which would be a huge plus for terminally ill Alcor 
Why Cryonics Can Work
This Alcor pamphlet was passed around.  It includes a picture of 
rabbit brain frozen to -60 celsius with intact cells and good cell-
to-cell connections.  It also mentioned that dogs have survived 4 1/2 
hours at 4 celsius.  Finally, it said that Alcor will soon 
participate in a research program to demonstrate memory retention in 
the brain after both freezing and vitrification at -196 celsius.  
Vitrification is freezing a biological system without the formation 
of ice crystals.  This research program will be done in conjunction 
with Cryovita Laboratories.  The eventual goal is to achieve full-
fledged suspended animation by the year 2000.  As usual donations for 
this animation program can be sent to The Alcor Foundation, 12327 
Doherty Street, Riverside, CA 92503.  Or you can call them 24 hours a 
day at 1-800-367-2228.  
Alcor has begin to develop a technical book entitled "The Scientific 
Evidence That Cryonics Can Work" that will fully document all the 
available evidence in favor of cryonics.
Thomas Donaldson Case
If you wish to contribute to the Thomas Donaldson legal fight, send 
money to the Thomas Donaldson Legal Defense Fund (attention Arel 
Lucas), 1794 Cardel Way, San Jose, CA 95124.  Or call Arel Lucas at 
1-408-978-7616.  Thomas is fighting to be frozen before his brain 
becomes scientifically dead.  (Which would happen months before he 
became legally dead.)  Thomas has lost his first round in the courts 
and needs our help!  
Rights of the Dead
A Louisiana coroner is being sued for 2 million dollars because he 
intentionally dropped the body of a 4-month-old baby on its head.  
This probably means nothing, but it was worth noting.
Living and Dying and Living Again
We discussed this article from the November 1990 issue of Longevity.  
This paper talked about how resuscitation medicine is reviving the 
"temporarily dead" and suggested that dramatically lowering the body 
temperatures of seriously injured people could be good medicine.  It 
also mentioned that various chemicals have proven to dramatically 
reduce brain damage caused by no blood flow.  I quote the final 
"But the most dramatic area of investigation remains the audacious 
battle against the "disease" called death.  The five-minute limit is 
now fading away, and 15, 20, or, under special circumstances, 60 or 
90 minutes is being talked about as the limit for restoring life to a 
patient.  If resuscitation can even occur at the 20-minute threshold 
-- undreamed of a decade ago, now considered possible in the next ten 
years -- it should provide enough time to get many people who die 
suddenly to a treatment center.  There, emergency room doctors armed 
with bypass machines, hypothermia and chemical cocktails might be 
able to maintain the person, safely dead, for an hour to an hour and 
a half -- long enough to bring him back to tell his story."
Taking Your Money With You
I showed a brochure from The Reanimation Foundation.  This 
Liechtenstein foundation allows you to put aside money for use in 
both your reanimation and for funding to enjoy your life after you 
are restored to a life.  Their local address is The Reanimation 
Foundation, 16280 Whispering Spur, Riverside, CA 92504.
The recent cryonics segment on 48 hours was shown.
If any e-mail people reading these minutes have questions that they 
would like answered in future meetings, send me the questions and 
they will be answered in the next minutes published.  
If Alcor would like to reprint this newsletter in full or in part in 
the next issue of Cryonics, they can feel free to do so.  (Without 
our names and addresses of course!)
If any of these minutes reflect mistaken information, let Eric Klien 

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