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Date: Sun, 24 Oct 2004 15:51:22 -0400
From: "Jonathan Hinek" <>
Subject: Re: Imminst Film Project
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"Bruce J. Klein" <> wrote on 10/24/2004, 5:00 AM:

 > FILM PROJECT - 10 Minute Preview
 > I've put together a ten minute film preview of the
 > ImmInst film project, "Exploring Life Extension".
 > Interview Participants:
 > -David Kekich
 > -Aubrey de Grey
 > -Michael MichaelChik
 > -Justin Corwin
 > -James Dale
 > -Peter Voss
 > View Video - Download:
 > http://www.imminst.org/film/exploring.wmv = 22 Megs (Windows Media File)

I really enjoyed the teaser. I was impressed by the eloquence of all the 
speakers. It seems to be shaping up as a nice introduction for the 

My only critique would be that I noticed an inordinate amount of audio 
fluctuation as it shifted from one interview to the next, and found 
myself raising and lowering the volume to hear each speaker clearly. It 
sounded like one of the segments had a plane fly over. There was also at 
least one small typo near the end, "bordom" should be spelled "boredom".

Great work, though, I look forward to seeing the final edit.

Jonathan Hinek
Eschaton Outlook

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