X-Message-Number: 24916
Subject: Another ACS/CI Patient
Date: Sun, 24 Oct 2004 23:55:24 US/Eastern

    The American Cryonics Society has cryopreserved
a Florida man who died of cancer using the services of
the Florida cryopreservation research firm S-A. The man
has become the 67th patient at the Cryonics Institute
through a storage agreement with ACS.  Although the 
man was in the hospital, no one was expecting the 
deanimation to come so quickly -- not S-A, the doctors
and certainly not the man himself, who was quite lucid
before his sudden deterioration. Nurses gave CPR,
applied ice and called S-A, which was soon on the scene.

    S-A was expecting this man to deanimate about
a year ago, but he recovered. Again, just before
hurricane Ivan they prepared for his deanimation, but
he recovered again. They had begun to prepare two
weeks ago, but it had appeared that history was
repeating itself yet again. It didn't. 

    Those wishing to comment on this message are 
requested to refer to the Florida firm as S-A, so as
not to alert search engines. 

      -- Ben Best, President, Cryonics

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