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Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2004 09:37:45 -0400
From: "Jonathan Hinek" <>
Subject: Re: Imminst Film Project
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Randall S <> on 10/25/2004, 5:00 AM:

 > In your future interviews you want to get some sort of
 > footage of your interviewees interacting in the normal
 > everyday lives. Maybe you could get some footage of
 > them in their jobs, or in their homes, interacting
 > with family, pets, cooking, riding a bike, walking in
 > the park, etc. Humanize them, etc.
 > Also, you might want to somehow work in some images or
 > interviews of other types of people, like kids. They
 > can be very powerful on video, and their concepts and
 > ideas of death, life etc are not set in concrete like
 > adults.

This is a good point. We need to be able to relate to these people, to 
see them doing the things average, ordinary people do. Cooking, enjoying 
nature, playing with kids, etc. are also great ways to emphasize what 
more life can mean. Life is about LIVING, after all, not just surviving. 
Life-extensionists want more time to spend with family and friends, more 
time for hobbies and for enjoying life's little indulgences.

Kids and young people are also great for a number of reasons, one of 
which is imagery. We need to get away from the things most people 
imagine when they hear about living longer: frail, sedentary geezers 
waiting to die. I realize that some of the interviews are aimed at 
dispelling this misconception, but we all know the old adage about the 
value of pictures when compared to words.

Jonathan Hinek
Eschaton Outlook

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