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Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2004 06:56:04 -0700 (PDT)
From: Randall S <>
Subject: re: Imminst Film Documentary

Also, Bruce, I think you need to consider using a
standard sequence of shots for your interview
subjects. What I mean is that you might want need more
than one type of shot, more than one distance from the
camera to the interviewee. For example, as an
introduction to an interview with a subject, e.g,.
David Kekich, you might show a short clip of Kekich
from that opening sequence of Kekich talking at a
podium while you do an introductory voiceover for
kekich, "David Kekich is a ....who wants to.... etc"
Then show the subject sitting down using medium
distance "establishing shot". Then you can zoom in a
little bit on the suject's face. Further closeups can
be used for dramatic effect. You can go back to medium
length distance shot as a short of transition to
different subject matter topics or for a changeup or
for a beginning to an end of the interview.

Of course all this changing of shot distance is a big
hassle, and one thing you might want to consider is
using the crop and pan video feature of your software
to let you zoom in and out from medium distance to
closeup and back to medium.

I have not yet tried doing that on my software at
home, but I have heard it can be done for just a small
zoom (I mean not zooming in too much, as that creates
a noticeable blurring).

BTW, we talked previously about using Adobe Premiere
editing software, which you say you were working with.
Well, I gave up on using Premiere, as it was too damn
complicated, and began using Vegas Video 5, which is a
highly thought of package. Although it is not yet more
popular than Premiere, many pros rank it above
Premiere and rank it at the top with Final Cut and
Avid Express. It is much more intuitive than Premiere.

-Randy Smith

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