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Subject: Alcor Featured in International Documentaries
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2004 10:53:57 -0700

Alcor Life Extension Foundation Featured in International Documentaries

    PHOENIX, Oct. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Alcor Life Extension Foundation is
pleased to announce that the Foundation has recently completed interviews
with various national and international media with the intent to inform the
public about the Foundation's mission and provide the public with a better
understanding of cryonics and Alcor as an organization. 

    Alcor has fielded a number of national media requests and is working
with various outlets regarding cryonics research and technology. Alcor will
be featured in a number of programs in the US, including The History
Channel's "Tactical to Practical," which focuses on "extreme cold," Planet
Grande Pictures, based in Malibu, California, is working with Alcor on a
program regarding "unusual occupations" for airing on Country Music
Television (CMT). Alcor has also received enquiries from the major networks
as well as top newspapers throughout the country.

    On the international level, Alcor has received requests for interviews
and video clips from production companies or networks across Europe and
Asia. This week, Alcor hosted German television channel, ZDF for three days
of filming. ZDF and French affiliate, Arte Television will air 45-minute
documentary about Alcor in late 2004 or early 2005 throughout Germany and
France. Sky One Television, a British television station, plans to feature
Alcor in a pet documentary, entitled, "World of Pets." The documentary,
which will be filmed next week at Alcor, is scheduled to air throughout
Europe in January 2005, and also the United States in the spring of 2005.
Ideale Audience, another production company for Arte TV (French public
television) plans to feature Alcor as an example of leading-edge technology.
The Entertainment Group of the Netherlands plans to include Alcor in a
television program about options for the end of life. Fuji Television of
Japan has requested video footage and general interest information regarding
cryonics and Alcor. Additional requests for information and footage have
been received from Spain and the UK. 

    For more information or to schedule media interviews, contact Deborah
Johnson at WalshCOMM, 602-957-9779,  <mailto:>

About Alcor Life Extension Inc.

    The Alcor Life Extension Foundation, a nonprofit organization founded in
1972, is the world leader in cryonics, and cryonics research and technology.
Cryonics is the science of using ultra-cold temperatures to suspend and
preserve human life. The intent is that technologically advanced scientific
procedures will one day be available to revive cryopreserved humans and
restore them to good health. 

    The promise of cryopreservation has taken a quantum leap forward with
the ongoing development of molecular nanotechnology and the introduction of
vitrification to Alcor's protocols. 

    One use of nanotechnology is the expectation that cell-sized machines
will be developed to repair damage or cure disease at the cellular level,
including any potential damage that results from the cryopreservation

    Alcor performed its first human cryopreservation in 1976. Since then,
Alcor has engaged in long-term patient care as well as cryopreservation
procedures. Among Alcor's scientific achievements is the use of advanced
cryoprotectant formulas capable of achieving ice-free preservation, known as

    Today, Alcor is the only full-service cryonics organization in
existence. Alcor has more than 690 members from around the world and 65
patients in cryostasis. For more information about Alcor and cryonics, visit
<http://www.alcor.org> www.alcor.org.


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