X-Message-Number: 24938
Date: Fri, 29 Oct 2004 00:15:40 -0700
From: James Swayze <>
Subject: Re: Will do Bruce
References: <>

CryoNet wrote:

>CryoNet - Thu 28 Oct 2004
>    #24934: ImmInst Film + Swayze [Bruce J. Klein]
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>Message #24934
>Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2004 18:01:07 -0500
>From: "Bruce J. Klein" <>
>Subject: ImmInst Film + Swayze
>Hi James Swayze,
>Sorry, I'm just now catching up on email.
>I'm in Laughlin, NV filming Don Laughlin, owner of Riverside Casino. I 
>want to include your story. Please have a friend film you and send 
>footage by Jan 20, 2005 via digital or mail to:
>ImmInst.org c/o Bruce Klein
>543 Rutherford Dr
>Birmingham, AL 35206
>Also, please send any quality digital photo(s).
>Please cover topics:
>How did your accident happen?
>How did you come to life extension?
>Why do you want to live forever?
>Would stem cell tech help you?
>Please include extra footage of your home, office, and family if they 
>wish to be included.
Thanks Bruce, I'll see what I can do. My stepfather has a nice video 
camera. I also have a friend in school for graphic arts and film making 
and if he hasn't already moved down to Calif., I'll see if he can help. 
I'm sure my stepbrother would like to help too. We'll have some fun with 
it. If nothing else they'll be able to say they worked on a real 
documentary once upon a time. ;) Thanks for the opportunity to help.

Do you want an interviewer to ask me the questions or like the sample 
just simply address them myself? Oh yeah, I should ask how long to make 
it or keep it within?



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