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Date: Fri, 29 Oct 2004 01:20:50 -0700
From: James Swayze <>
Subject: Bush's bullies target Cryonics?

All eyes were on the recent Foresight Institute conference on 
nanotechnology. Ron Baily has a piece with some of the highlights here: 

But more than the usual suspects were also watching and commenting as 
our friend Dr. James Hughes pointed out on WTA-Talk. More particularly 
Kass and Fukuyama were indirectly represented at the conference when 
their favorite editor of their New Atlantis luddite publication was 
there and blogged the whole event. Whether or not it reaches as high as 
Bush it's still painfully clear that Mr. Keiper has his eyes and 
opinions on Transhumanism and Cryonics as per how they relate to 
Nanotechnology and his opinions are not positive and I'd bet it applies 
to Kass and Fukuyama as well.

I think Dr. J won't mind if I excerpt just a small portion of his 
comments that tell the tale of Keipers thoughts on cryonics and 
Transhumanism and provide a link to the blog.

"In other words, bioconservatives need to join the nanotech movement, 
champion everything short of radical changes in the human body, and 
militate against transhumanists. Most of Keiper's blog entries from 
Washington were simple enthusiastic reportage, but some of the 
motivation of EPPC's unexpected enthusiasm for engagement with such a 
transhumanist-inclined crowd was revealed in asides such as: 
<http://nanotech2004.thenewatlantis.com/2004/10/cryonics_we_don.html> "

Ok, maybe I'm stretching a point a little but I cannot help but be 
uncomfortable when someone described as Kass and Fukuyama's "Wunderkind" 
(Keiper) is suddenly targeting Cryonics with their brand of bio and now 
nano luddism. However, my conscience is clear I've early voted and I'm 
certain no one here needs to think very long on whom I voted for. I've 
done all I can to throw those luddite bums out, how about you?



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