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Subject: Physical Immortality magazine, 4th quarter of 2004 issue has just
Date: Thu, 04 Nov 2004 10:39:54 -0700

Hello everyone,

The 2004 4th Quarter edition of Physical Immortality magazine has just been 
released, and we are proud of the 

results.  Cover art is by Gina "Nanogirl" Miller, with articles by Mike Perry 
(Deconstructing Deathism), James B. 

Lewis (A Rational Gamble For Reanimation), David Pizer (Are Christians Commanded
to Opt for Cryonics?, Declaration of 

Independence from Death), Thomas Donaldson (book review of "Intelligence of Apes
and other Rational Beings," Why 

Cryonics Will Probably Help You More Than Anti-aging Medicine), and Anthony 
Dawber (Towards a Practical Philosophy of 

Physical Immortality and Cryonics Culture).  This is one of our thicker issues 
and we also have interviews of Robert 

Ettinger, Ben Best and Joe Waynick which were expertly done by James Swayze, who
is our roving reporter.  Yours truly 

wrote a lighthearted update on activities & personalities at the Creekside 
Lodge/Ventureville.  Thomas Donaldson (a 

frequent contributor) shared with us a piece of fiction depicting religion in 
the far future.  Dick Pelletier, an 

Arizona newspaper columnist, allowed some of his columns on technology & society
to be reprinted in our magazine.  He 

is a man in the media mainstream who recognizes the oncoming technological 
advances in a sometimes very transhumanist 

way.  Chrissie de Rivaz in her PI magazine column wrote a thoughtful piece on 
"seizing the day" and getting the most 

out of life.  Never to be forgotten, in the "First Words" section we gave 
tribute to Bruce Klein's mother who was 
recently killed in a tragic auto accident.  

There is much "meat" and also some "milk" in this issue.  I would say the two 
writings in this issue which engaged me 

the most were "Why Cryonics Will Probably Help You More Than Anti-aging 
Medicine" by Thomas Donaldson, and also David 

Pizer's "Declaration from Death."  But we all have our own individual tastes and

I suspect the reason why some people do not subscribe to Physical Immortality 
magazine is that they feel it will not 

offer anything new but instead simply be more "preaching to the choir."  But I 
honestly believe anyone could find 

several nuggets of information/insight with the variety of articles, news bits 
and columns which we offer.  And Mike 

Perry's brief editorial comments (attached to many of the articles) really 
enhance the reading experience.  Mike is 
one of the true scholars of cryonics and has many insightful things to share.

Please consider getting gift subscriptions for any friends or family who you 
think would appreciate a magazine of this 

kind.  Sometimes when a person sits down to read about something in a friendly 
magazine format, the subject material 

opens up for them in a way it might not in normal conversation.  PI is written 
to be very approachable to the reader 

who is new to cryonics and life extension.  I can proudly say several of our 
"first generation" subscribers have 

gotten multiple gift subscriptions for their friends and especially family 

I would ask everyone to keep in mind the high costs to the Society for Venturism
when it comes to publishing the 

magazine.  And so contributions to defray the high cost would be greatly 
appreciated.  Physical Immortality is a labor 

of love for us, but if subscription sales and donations do not increase, in time
we may cancel it.  Please don't let 

this happen.  A donation of even a small amount of money is very much 

How to subscribe:

Send a check or money order in the amount of $24.00 (U.S.) or $36.00 (foreign) 

The Society for Venturism
11255 S.S.R. 69
Mayer, Arizona 86333  

If not for yourself, get a gift subscription for a friend.

Thank you,

John Grigg
Venturist Advisor and Secretary
Managing Editor, Physical Immortality magazine  

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