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Date: Thu, 4 Nov 2004 15:38:00 EST
Subject: re: Cryonics becoming illegal?

In a message dated 11/4/04 2:00:19 AM, MarkPlus writes:

> I would currently put the odds at 20% that the practice
> of cryonics in the U.S. will become a casualty of Bush's second term
I think our only hope for the next four years is to duck... operate and keep 
our heads down until this president is out of office, and hope the inevitable 
eventual backlash will sweep his theocracy away.   We're not too many people 

currently in the scheme of things.   However, I'm sure the Jews in Nazi Germany
thought the same about their new Chancellor.

However, if things go badly... have Alcor or CI considered purchasing/leasing 
land in Canada or Mexico and setting up a secondary emergency maintenance 
facility for the cryopreserved?   Land and buidings there are very cheap, The 

dewars are not though... and how difficult is it to drive across the border with
bodies? What are the legal status of cryonics in these countries?    I 

specifically ask about these as they are big empty countries with easy road 
access to 
the USA- although I suppose one could fly a chartered jet anywhere in the 

world pretty easily, as long as the authorities on the other end were receptive
to your arrival.   Iceland, anyone?   Are there ANY legal cryonics facilities 
in any other country- that is industrialized enough to provide cheap liquid 
nitrogen?   Tasmania?   New Zealand?   

Mike Donahue 

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